Our two newly appointed Poet Laureates have created the following poems to remind us all of what we have been missing and to welcome us back to LDE UTC after their lockdown! 


A Special Normal Day

All dressed up in our smart business attire.

That refreshing, cool morning breeze that caresses your cheeks,

Some of us stride across Cyprus station in light of the new day,

Some of us are driven through the heart of the quiet campus in search of our friends walking by.

It has been months, since we got to take that blissful stroll by the serene river

That was so calm and blue and glistening in the warm rays of the sunlight.

It has been months since we got to see the miniscule, crow-like silhouettes in the sapphire sky 

Transform into gargantuan aeroplanes as they land on the welcoming tarmac.

But now the time has come again, 

For us to explore and discover all the knowledge that is just waiting for us to learn,

The very gates of our college wait eagerly for our return

For us to reunite with our friends we have been waiting to see

The time has come to go back to LDE UTC!



Back To School We Go

Back to the forgotten routines,

After all those weeks of virtual learning, stay

Cautious they say, remember to

Keep social distance 


To all those who are worried, scared and anxious, you have  

Overcome so many troubles so far, keep


Smiling through today, and you 

Can get through this, stay

Hopeful, the future at our college holds so many amazing opportunities,

Optimism is key in 

Overpowering your nerves, you should 

Look forward to seeing your friends and teachers again, and the 


Wonderful experiences that LDE offer, you should 

Embrace the last few months of this academic year, where you will continue to


Grow into a brave, informed and curious young person who can, and will conquer all

Of life’s challenges