Ofsted and Inspections

March 2022

We are delighted that the work of our learners, staff, employer sponsors and parents/carers has been formally recognised by Ofsted who graded us Good in every category. LDE really did shine during the Ofsted inspection on the 15th and 16th of March!
The report, found here, is very positive and highlights all the amazing efforts and achievements that take place every day at our UTC. Ofsted describes LDE as a place where “Pupils are happy and safe in school.” and that “the school goes the ‘extra mile’.” It was nice to see that our values, ethos, and culture shine through the report where “Pupils appreciate being taught about the wider world of work, employability qualities and practical life skills” and that the “Working relationships between teachers and pupils are positive. Pupils behave well. They are attentive in lessons and want to succeed. Pupils work respectfully with each other.”
Our teacher's meticulous planning was recognised “The curriculum is well planned and sequenced. Subject leaders have thought about their curriculum so that it helps all pupils, including pupils with special educational needs”. “Across the curriculum, employer-led projects support and enhance pupils’ professional experiences and learning. This helps pupils to make connections to the wider world of work and provides a valuable external audience for their project work.” 
It was also nice to see that Ofsted recognised the impact of our wellbeing initiatives stating that “Staff feel well supported. Leaders have put initiatives in place to help them to manage their workload. They know that leaders care about their well-being and typically described the school as a ‘family.’”.
Ofsted’s high praise and recognition of LDE will provide the confidence for us to improve further, share our experiences with other schools/colleges and explore new opportunities to widen the positive impact and provide our employer-led curriculum to more learners.
I look forward to the next phase of LDE’s development.
Yours sincerely
Geoffrey Fowler 
CEO & Principal


A copy of the full Ofsted report can be found by clicking here.