Baker Dearing Trust

The Baker Dearing Educational Trust (BDT) was founded by Lord Baker and Lord Dearing in 2009 to develop and promote the concept of University Technical Colleges (UTCs). It is a small, flexible charity that works with the Department for Education and sits at the centre of the UTC network focusing on promoting and supporting new and existing UTCs. 

The BDT helps UTCs benefit from being a part of a bigger network by providing opportunities to share good practice, attend seminars, and stretch budgets through joint procurement. The BDT also helps to develop curricula and advise on suitable technical qualifications. Supporting UTCs with setting standards, issues around leadership and management, and through liaising with the universities and employers who are UTC partners.

The BDT raises awareness of UTCs with the government, the media and the public. By increasing the profile of UTCs there aim is to ensure that everyone has an understanding of UTCs and what they offer to young people, employers and the wider community. 

“Amongst the first UTCs no student has joined the ranks of the unemployed. Every student continued in education, or went into employment or training. There were no “NEETs” [Not in Education, Employment or Training] and this is our aim for all UTCs.”

Lord Baker
Chairman, Baker Dearing Educational Trust