Frequently Asked Questions - General
How do I apply?If you are in Year 8 you will join us at the start of Year 9, and you can stay with us until the end of Year 11 or continue through Sixth Form too. If you are in Year 11 then you will join us in Year 12. All details of the application process are on our website with links to the application forms for both Year 9 and Year 12
When will I know if my application has been successful?For Year 9s, you will find out if your application has been successful in March. Year 12s will find out in April.
Would I get to choose my subject?Yes, you would put your preferences on your application form, and then you would need to meet the entry requirement. For example, if you are joining us in Year 12 you will need to have achieved at least a grade 6 in maths, etc.
Do the courses at the college come under vocational training?Some courses do come under vocational training - but some are traditional A Levels.
Does this college offer other subjects for GCSE like maths, English and Science?Absolutely - we offer all the core subjects at GCSE in Years 9 - 11
What grades do I need to join?Our entry requirements are on our website, within the course profiles
Can I apply if I live in another borough?Absolutely - a lot of our learners come from all over London. We also had someone last Year travelling in from Southend!
What is the timing of the college day?Learners are to arrive in college no earlier than 8:00 am and no later than 8:35 am for KS4 and 8:55 am for KS5.  KS4 learners start their day at 8:40 with form time.  KS5 learners will start their first lesson as per their timetable.
Does the college have SEND supportWe have a SENCo who works alongside the Vice Principal for Personal Development.
How many learners are in each Year group?We have 80 in Year 9 and 180 in Year 12
How does the school safeguard the students?Like all schools/colleges we carry out extensive checks on all staff before they start. We work closely with partners including Social Care, and the police. We teach our learners through our Learning 4 Life programme about keeping themselves safe too.
Do you teach languages?Please refer to the course guides on our school website for more detail on the languages currently being taught.
Is there any career guidance within the college?Yes, we have a Learning 4 Life programme for life skills and have a very active careers programme.
Is there a specific uniform at LDE UTC?

- A business suit consisting of trousers/skirt and jacket 
- A formal blouse/shirt 
- An LDE UTC branded formal shirt which can be purchased from the college supplier (for college events) 
- Suitable formal robust footwear 
- Learners can also opt to wear a black Shalwar Kameez with a plain headscarf 

Will there be a time for PE?Sports lessons take place for KS4 learners, and whilst there is no specific uniform for this, we ask our learners to respect the other users and wear sports kit appropriate to the sport that they are undertaking. 

Do you offer degrees?

We don’t offer degrees however but we do we encourage our level 3 learners to go onto either Higher (level 4-5) or degree  (level 6-7) apprenticeships or to apply to university to study for a degree in their chosen area. Support is in place for learners to go down either of these routes, some apply to both and make a final decision on results day.

Learners have a lot of support to help with making these decisions and are prepared with everything they will need to make an informed choice.

What do most people do when they leave?Our learners go on to careers in construction, structural and civil engineering, and project management. Careers within aerospace, rail, mechanical engineering, electronics and automotive. Design technology and creative industries.  At university, they study a range of subjects from aerospace, all types of engineering and manufacturing, civil and structural engineering, sciences, psychology, architecture,  medicine, law, business and many others besides.
Entrance in Year 9 Q&A
When do the Year 9 choose their subjects?You will choose your subjects at Easter in Year 9 after a time of experiencing all the subjects on the subject carousel in the first few months.
How do I apply for Year 9?If you are in Year 8, you will join us next year in Year 9 and you can stay with us until the end of Year 11 or continue through Sixth Form; email [email protected]
Entrance in Year 12 Q&A
What are the entry requirements For Year 12?We provide a range of courses from L2 and L3. Check out the website to view the entry requirements for each course. Our entry requirements are on our website under the course profiles.
What courses are available in Year 12 if you have 5 or more subjects at grade 5 and above?

-Art & Design (Art Craft or Fine Art)
-Art - Graphic Communications
-AS Further Maths
-Business Studies
-Mathematical Studies
-Product Design

-Built Environment (Architecture) Extended Certificate (1 A Level Equivalent)
-Digital Media Production Diploma (2 A Level Equivalent)
-Digital Media Production Extended Certificate (1 A Level Equivalent)
-Engineering Design Diploma (2 A Level Equivalent)
-Engineering Systems & Control Diploma (2 A Level Equivalent)"

What courses are available in Year 12 if you don't have 5 or more subjects at grade 5 and above?

-Digital Media Production (4 GCSE Equivalent)
-Engineering Design (4 GCSE Equivalent)
-Design Production 4 GCSE
-English GCSE retake if needed (1 GCSE Equivalent)
-Maths GCSE retake if needed (1 GCSE Equivalent)

-Engineering Manufacturing (2 GCSE Equivalent)
-English GCSE retake if needed (1 GCSE Equivalent)
-Maths GCSE retake if needed (1 GCSE Equivalent)

How will I know if I have chosen the right course for me?There will be conversations on enrolment day to ensure you are on the correct course. Our entry requirements for each course profile are on our website.
What are the attainment grades at the A level?For 2020, our average grade at A-Level was C and at Technical Diploma Distinction Distinction.
How many learners go to university?

"Each Year between 52 and 60% of our learners go to university while others go on to Higher( level 4/5) or Degree (level 6) apprenticeships.  Some will move directly into employment or take a Gap Year to travel or work to raise funds for their next steps. 

This Year our learners progressed to study Medicine and Physics at Imperial College London. Medicine, Creative Computing, Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering at Queen Mary University London. Civil Engineering at UCL, Physics and Computer Science at Kings College London, Mechanical Engineering at Warwick, Architecture at Kingston, Landscape Architecture at Sheffield, Economics, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at Brunel. Economics at Goldsmiths. Design, Electronic Engineering, Urban Studies and Civil Engineering at a wide range of universities including UEL, Nottingham, Birmingham, Middlesex, Escape Studios, Anglia Ruskin, City University London and University of the Creative Arts.