The London Design Engineering UTC is officially recruiting for its Apprenticeships Programme 2022-2023.

The LDE UTC is a registered Apprenticeship Training Provider developing industry-relevant programmes in collaboration with regional and national employers to develop the knowledge, skills and behaviours required to achieve their chosen apprenticeship standard. Achieving this will enable them to work in a range of engineering and civil engineering roles.

To provide some flexibility and to fall in line with industry requirements, we provide a rolling carousel of three intakes throughout the academic year with a blended learning approach which includes one day a week (term time) day release.

In addition, we have a team of highly experienced, work-based learning assessors visiting and assessing apprentices in the workplace.


Launch your career with an apprenticeship and discover your dream job. An apprenticeship is your chance to apply the knowledge you have gained in your school/college in a real-life situation.

To undertake apprenticeship training at LDE UTC you must first obtain a job and be employed as an apprentice. Your employer will then send you to LDE UTC for your training.

You will also need to have a level 2 in English and Maths.


Work with the LDE UTC to up-skill your workforce and bring fresh, innovative and dynamic ideas to your business whilst providing opportunities for the next generation.

The LDE UTC is registered with the government to provide training for both levy and non-levy companies.

If you would like more detailed information, please view our links to our current Level 3 standards, or contact the team [email protected] or 07743 297113

Civil Engineering Technician (Level 3) Digital Engineering Technician (Level 3)
Engineering & Manufacturing
Engineering Technician (Level 3) Engineering Design & Draughts person (Level 3) Maintenance and Operations Engineering Technician (Level 3)
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