British Values at the London Design and Engineering UTC


Here at LDE UTC we are dedicated and committed to serving and supporting our diverse community. We fully understand that it is vital to ensure that we prepare our young people with the skills and appreciation for values that cater to diversity, multi-faith, multicultural and the ever-changing nature of Britain.  Alongside our six shared values (passion, reaching higher, being respectful, taking care, ownership and being proud), we consistently promote British values.

As a college we are fully aware and understand the crucial role we have as educators in ensuring that our learners within our care are not subjected to any form of intimidation or radicalisation.

We strongly uphold the five British Values: 

  •  Democracy
  •  The Rule of Law 
  •  Mutual Respect
  •  Individual Liberty
  •  Tolerance of those of different faiths and belief

How do we deliver British values? 

British values constitute an integral part of our teaching and learning life here at LDE UTC. These values predominantly are delivered through our Learning for Life (L4L) Programme. 

What is Learning for Life about?

This very bespoke programme is about:

  • equipping learners to be responsible, respectful, active citizens
  • developing their understanding of fundamental British values
  • developing their understanding and appreciation of diversity
  • developing their technical and soft skills so that they are ready for the world of work

N.B. The L4L programme is used to deliver our Sex Relationship Education (SRE) as per DfE requirements. 

How is the programme delivered?

The programme is delivered on weekly basis for 1 hour to all learners. 

  • At KS3 and 4, mainly the sessions all start in the Lecture Hall, where the main topic is introduced including any current affairs or notices given. Then learners go back to their designated groups (class) to explore the topic further with their teachers. On various occasions the sessions will be entirely in the hall when external speakers are booked. 
  • At KS5 sessions are delivered in the hall. 

How do we celebrate and keep it relevant?

We celebrate each half term with one of the British values.  This value is shared with teachers at the start of the term through briefing meetings on Tuesdays. Teachers are reminded what each value is and how it is relevant to their curriculum. 

  • Term 1- Democracy
  • Term 2- Rule of Law
  • Term 3- Mutual Respect
  • Term 4- Individual Liberty
  • Term 5- Tolerance of different faiths and beliefs
  • Term 6- Current affairs

Teachers are regularly encouraged to link their curriculum to the British value being celebrated that term. Bespoke training is provided through our inset days (overview of the L4L programme, ways how to incorporate British values in everyday TL) and CPL on Tuesdays (increasing cultural capital through oracy and literacy, what makes good presentations etc). 

Each room has posters displayed so that teachers can make further references whilst discussing with learners. 

Examples and activities in which LDE UTC embed these values

Democracy - Making Decisions Together

We consistently promote the democracy value through learner voice decision-making process, learner voice elections (learner body all the way up to the College president), responsibilities and choices, power, and fairness. 

As a college, we demonstrate democracy by valuing and responding to our learners. Surveys and questionnaires are carried out to ensure that the learner voice is listened to about matters that directly affect them: happiness, safety, infrastructure etc. 

Our learners are fully and equally involved in the interviewing process of new teaching appointments. Supporting of charities - not only do they decide activities (e.g. non-uniform, baking, food banks) but they are also involved in decisions as to where the money goes. 

The Rule of Law - Understanding that Rules Matter

We consistently reinforce this value through our rules and expectations of the college (code of conduct). Our parents and learners sign a Home College Agreement as a part of their “induction pack” stating that they understand and agree to our rules, which we then further discuss through our L4L. 

Learners are reminded about UK law on various topics such as equality and e-safety. Throughout the year we work with our SSPO, who discusses various aspects of the law with learners. Our expectations are fully understood by staff and learners alike, and they consist of an integral part of our Behaviour for Learning Policy. 

Individual Liberty - Freedom for All

Our learners are highly encouraged to make independent choices that are safe, secure, and supportive. Learners are asked to set personal targets, to give them more freedom to determine their own success. We encourage learners to understand and encourage their rights. 

 Mutual respect - Treating others as you want to be treated 

We inform learners how their behaviour plays a crucial role in their own rights and those of others. We encourage our learners to express their views through opportunities for debates in lessons. Understanding that freedom to choose and hold beliefs is protected by law e.g. LGBTQ+ assemblies etc. We consistently challenge prejudicial or discriminatory behaviour. We celebrate Christmas, Eid, Diwali etc. We expect all members of our community to treat each other with respect. 

  Tolerance of those of different faiths and belief

We help learners to understand their place in a culturally diverse society. Our shared value of caring and respect best embodies this value. Our Chaplaincy provision provides various religious and non-religious activity, which serves as a haven for our learners best describes the tolerance. A range of speakers are invited to discuss and promote tolerance and understanding. We consistently challenge stereotyping. 

Our L4L topics cover Black History Month; Ramadan, Christmas, Diwali; International Day for Tolerance; Chinese New Year etc. 


1.      Learning for Life Padlet


2.      Learning for life Curriculum Plans

         a.      LDE UTC Staff > Pastoral > Curriculum Plans 


2. Posters also displayed in our rooms and college website.