Absences and Lateness

We expect high attendance to be an outcome of establishing a positive ethos and culture, which supports a dynamic and motivating curriculum for all learners.

Our high aspirations for all learners mean that excellent attendance is critical. Research into the effect of absences on attainment shows that even a 90% attendance rate can result in a drop of one grade in all qualifications.

We will make every effort to support families to ensure excellent attendance is achieved by building a supportive partnership between the College and parents/carers that ensures easy and effective means of communication if learners are unable to attend.

Reporting an absence

If a learner is unable to attend College, for any reason, parents/carers are required to contact the College as soon possible on the morning of the first day of absence by either emailing the [email protected] or calling the 0203 019 7333. The absence must be reported before 9:00am

The College will make First Day telephone calls, if no reason is given for the absence on the day.

Unauthorised absences

The College will only permit leave taken during term time in exceptional circumstances i.e. bereavement. Permission must be sought from the Principal in advance of the absence, as retrospective approval is not permitted. This is in accordance with the regulations on student attendance as amended in 2013. For more information see the Department for Education’s website.


Our College operates in a way that prepares learners for the world of work. Punctuality demonstrates respect and is a standard of behaviour that is expected from all learners. No employer would tolerate persistent lateness, and neither will we.

We do understand that public transport plays a part in learners arriving late. If this is the case, a note will be made on the learner’s attendance record. 

Persistent lateness, however, will not be tolerated and will require a meeting with the learner to agree the best way to resolve the problem.

Half-termly letters are issued to parents/carers to keep them informed and we expect the learner’s parents/carers to attend meetings regarding attendance and poor punctuality.