The Skills Gap and Labour Market Information (LMI)

The STEM skills gap continues to grow across the world but our curriculum is built to fit right into the Fourth Industrial Revolution.  The engineering and technology taught at LDE UTC will ensure our learners have the skills and knowledge to ne at the forefront of the change that is taking place.

National Careers Week – Future of Work

What is the skills gap - Futurelearn

Skills shortage: Engineering UK - skills shortage article

Labour Market Information is region specific and it tells you about the current work and job environments. 

Why is it important?

LMI highlights the fantastic career opportunities available across the county 
It helps decode the world of work by breaking it down into digestible chunks
LMI is important for social mobility, young people should be more equipped to understand what is on offer within their region and outside and learn how to get there by making informed decisions about their future career choices.

To find out more about how LMI can help making career choices - Labour Market Information

The following sites allow you to take a look at LMI in more detail:

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