Why Do Work Experience?

Work Experience provides an opportunity for learners to undertake full time work, in an environment that differs significantly from that of school.  The purpose of Work Experience is not necessarily for learners to decide upon the career which they wish to pursue; instead the emphasis is on working in the ‘real world’ and understanding how organisations operate, as well as working with different people and having the opportunity to try something new and interesting.  This experience can open up the opportunity to be noticed, try multiple disciplines, and will have a positive impact on CV’s, applications for apprenticeships and personal statements for university. Work experience puts learning into practice.

Help and support from family members and staff is encouraged.  However, it is important that learners complete the form themselves as this is a valuable part of the Work Experience Programme and will help to develop their understanding and ability to complete future job/ course application forms.

Dates for work experience for academic year 2021-22 will be announced and information sent home for the year groups involved.  Links to the paperwork will also be available within this area for 21-22 as we hope that learners will be able to be ‘on site’ in a ‘live’ environment.

Legal Requirement

The law requires that checks are made on all placements with regard to Health & Safety and Insurance.  All placements must be signed off by staff at LDE UTC and learners will NOT be permitted to attend if all checks are not completed and correct.  If the learner does not attend an endorsed placement, or does not come into school they will be marked with an unauthorised absence.  We will of course contact and advise you, should this apply to your child’s placement. Staff will be in touch with employers throughout the experience and learners will be expected to complete a summary of the placement before the academic year ends for 2 reasons:

  •         Evidence that the placement was meaningful and had added value
  •         To record the information ready for documents in year 13.


Virtual work experiences can be found all year round using the following sites.  More opportunities are posted on the ‘Opportunities Padlet’ as they become available. 


Speakers for Schools                        https://www.speakersforschools.org/experience-2/vwex/ 

Spring Pod                                         https://www.springpod.co.uk/virtual-work-experience-programmes 

NHS Healthcare Careers                   NHS Healthcare Careers Virtual Work Experience - Allied Healthcare Mentor (alliedhealthmentor.org) 


Young Professionals                         https://young-professionals.uk/  Download the app

Uptree:  Find out more about the many opportunities and services available through your Uptree account, click here: our private youtube link.

The Brokerage                                   https://www.thebrokerage.org.uk/jobs-work-experience/ 

Medic Mentor – Medicine, Veterinary, Dentistry and all Allied Health Professions:


Take a look at this list of virtual work experiences across many different sectors  – please remember that from time to time some of these may not be available virtual work experience

Opportunities both face-to-face and virtual are advertised on the Opportunities Padlet and emailed to learners, who are encouraged to apply or source a placement they wish to undertake. We always ask that learners inform Janice Tricks, the Careers Lead at LDE UTC, of any virtual placements secured.