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As a parent is there anything I should know?

Guiding and supporting a young person to make a decision about selecting a school that is right for them can be both daunting and challenging. Your experience of education is not theirs - and their future may well be different from anything you have known.

We believe that a strong relationship between the school and parents, guardians or carers is essential. We will ensure that you are kept up to date with what is happening at LDE UTC through regular progress evenings, use of social media, events and exhibitions.

We will achieve:

•      Students who are inspired with a thirst for learning

•      Students who set the highest expectations for themselves in terms of both their academic outcomes and acquisition of skills

•      Students with the confidence to embrace the challenges and adapt to the inevitable changes the future will bring

•      A supportive and happy environment, designed to encourage all learners to take pride in their ability to achieve their best