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Positive Praise

The two teams of year-12 students from LDE  are taking part in the Envision Community-Apprentice competition this year which is running in ten schools across the city. The students are working in teams to manage their own project to see which team can make the biggest positive impact in their local community. 
Turning ideas into action 

Over the past few weeks the teams have been coming up with ideas and developing them into a practical plan. They have set a clear goal, identified relevant activities to bring their issue to life and are now ready to deliver their exciting projects. 
Team Difference are focussed on mental health. They believe that not enough attention is paid to the mental health and wellbeing of students in the UK. They hope to raise awareness about mental health issues and the help that is on offer. Team Stop the Block  are planning to address the issue of gang crime and the many ways in which it affects young people living in London.  
Pitch perfect 

On the 14th December 2018 our teams entered the second stage of the competition as they pitched their ideas to business leaders to receive funding for their projects as well as feedback to improve their ideas. The event was held in the main offices of White & Case which gave a great atmosphere for the team’s pitches. Over the course of the week, all ten teams from schools across London pitched in front of each other as well as a panel of experts, giving students the opportunity to learn key presentation skills from each other as well as receiving valuable feedback from the judges. 

Both Teams from LDE had very strong pitches and earned great praise from the judges.  
Team Difference received £90 for their project with a further £10 to be given on the condition that they further develop their idea to collaborate with other experts and charity partners working on this topic.  
Stop the Block received £80 for their powerful and emotive presentation and impressed the judges with their preparation – they presented whilst wearing T-shirts they had made with their team name and logo printed on the front! 
Now the teams are ready to go out and make a great impact in their local community- the exciting bit starts now!