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Behind the scenes at Harlequin Design

The Clerkenwell based company were hosts to 11 students from Product Design to demonstrate the techniques the company uses to dress some of the most prestigious window displays in the City. Harlequin’s expertise and attention to detail is in demand from world leading brands such as Adidas, Joseph, Jimmy Choo, Dyson and Fred Perry. The experience was designed to demonstrate how the company helps brands create and maintain an identity through exciting and dynamic window displays. Rosie Chatwin, Creative Production and Supply Chain Director at Harlequin organised the whole day including a range of practical activities. The students got to see a 5 axis CNC machine in action, the full carpentry workshop and a professional finishing spray ‘shop as well as their VR facility before working on a live case study for a brand new Adidas store in Westfeilds. Students had the chance to work with a vinyl cutter plotter, focusing on making something that is both accurate and finished to a high quality.

Seeing first-hand how a design agency work will stay with these students forever. They will never walk down a high street in the same way again. They now know how much effort has gone into making a shop window appealing. The trip will help them massively with their coursework, they now understand the importance of following a brief and how to create concept models to explain their ideas.

Thank you Harlequin and especially Rosie Chatwin for organising such an inspiring tour.