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20 Questions in 20 Minutes

LDE: What do you think is the most significant technological development of the last five hundred years?

Mobiles – I literally do everything on mine, shop, order food, eat, plan lessons, find inspiration/motivation.

LDE: Who is your design/tech hero?

Gabrielle Bonheur "Coco" Chanel 

LDE: What is your design classic?

A jumbo classic Chanel, caviar leather, gold hardware

LDE: What’s your most memorable light-bulb moment?

I’m still waiting for my light bulb moment…

LDE: What made you choose a career in teaching design and technology

It wasn’t my first choice – well not consciously. I always to work as an Architect, infact I even did a years’ experience in a practice and found myself so out of place, I knew something didn’t feel right but I couldn’t put my finger on what. A few months later I was doing an event for Open house and one of the programme co-ordinators asked if I had thought about teaching because he that I apparently had a natural bond with younger children. And I hadn’t ever considered teaching. So I started volunteering…and at first I wanted to teach Art, but after volunteering in a range of schools I found myself enjoying D&T – it kind of rolled on from there and I haven’t looked back since.

LDE: Enzo Ferrari wished he’d designed the E Type. What item would you have loved to have had a hand in creating.

Probably be a part of designing an iconic building. I think it’ll be cool to see a building standing and say, ‘yeah, I was a part of that…’

LDE: Pick a book to go into the ultimate LDE library

Anne frank’s diary – everyone should read it…

LDE: What’s the tool you can’t do without.

My phone.

LDE: What was the last thing you designed/made

Revision guides.

LDE: What do you collect

Hand bags…don’t judge me.

LDE: What haven’t you got time for


LDE: If you could be home in time for tea which planet would you like to spend the day on


LDE: What’s your favourite piece of architecture that you pass by on your way to school

I have the worst journey coming in…but as I come off the A13 to come to school, there’s a little hill, with a mini farm and horses, sometimes I managed to get a 3 second glimpse at them, and at that moment I remember there’s more to life.

LDE: Explain why maths/science/engineering/built environment/art is the most important subject on the LDE curriculum

So in Finland, Built Environment is a key subject from KS2 all the way to KS4. And in return what does that create? Some of the most innovative designers. If we want to keep up with industry, we have to learn and do more.

LDE: If you could take a class anywhere in the world to a place that would blow their minds, where would go.

To my mums village in Kashmir. They’re one of the very few villages who only had stable electricity for the past 40 years and people don’t have mobile phones, they actually talk to one another. I want the students to jus switch off. No mobile phones, no social media. And focus on themselves, so many of our young people lack self-care and well-being.

LDE: Select a piece of design for Room 101

What’s Room 101?

LDE: How do you design; on paper, on screen or at the bench

Always on paper. Can’t beat a sketch.

LDE: What’s on your bench right now

By bench, do you mean work area? Well at home, my desk has my laptop, lots of pens. And random letters that I should open but haven’t yet. Oh and all the candles!

LDE: What was the last useful thing you learned

Rolling clothes means you can get more in a suitcase.

LDE: You walk up to the counter, do you say “can I get” or “may I have” ?

‘Can I please get…’

LDE: Thank you Furnaz and congratulations btw for being our first guest.