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LDE hosts royal visit

Last week LDE were privileged to host just such a visit from His Excellency B M Asaker from the Saudi Royal delegation. His Excellency is a close aide to Prince Salman and represents the family on such events as head of their charity for promoting education, MiSK. The visit was requested by the LEGO Foundation as LDE is a LEGO Innovation studio. The visitors were keen to see how teachers at LDE are integrating the latest robotic technology into their lessons with a view to incorporating similar initiatives in their curriculum. Shafina Vohra, Lego lead and Psychology teacher had just 24 hours to prepare a group of year 12 and 13 students for the visit and put together a Power Point presentation. The students gave a first class demonstration using techniques developed by the Lego Education Academy in Denmark, which are now practised here at LDE.


“The students were extremely professional and quite at ease with their Royal guest who shook hands and spoke to each of them in turn.”


They obviously made a good impression. On leaving, His Excellency congratulated the students and encouraged them further by asking them to keep in touch as an offer of future employment might well be on the cards. A more positive outcome could not be imagined.


Shafina would like to thank all the staff that dropped everything at short notice to make the visit possible; James, Victoria, Paul, Gloria, Josh and Rob and of course our excellent students David, Ismail, Elija, Soheb and Jamir from year 13 and David, Freddy, Morphe, Charles and Ahmed from year 12.