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Costain 2015 design and engineering competition.

WIN! One of five Costain design and engineering work placements and £50 worth of LEGO vouchers.

What will your world look like in 2050?

Engineers at Costain have set the challenge to future UTCs and current UEL students to design their VISIONS OF THE FUTURE...

The winning visions will be used as the front cover of an important new Costain strategy document. Ideas might range from living under the sea to on another planet; about reducing traveling time; from harnessing new forms of energy; to futuristic city designs. Or, they can be about making small changes that make day to day activities simpler, quicker and safer. 

Your visions can be created in any form you wish (literally anything from Lego to an Oil painting!), but will need to be captured electronically for inclusion in the Costain strategy document.

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