Anthology winners recite their powerful poems

Having earned the opportunity to be featured in the Young Writer’s Empowered Anthology, Danni and Salmaan kindly agreed to record a powerful recital their poems.

Danni titled her poem 'To Empower Yourself, First Believe in Yourself' and explores the importance of building a foundation of self-belief in order to be successful. Danni shared, ‘I wanted to share the message that people should believe in themselves, be confident and take risks. You can’t always succeed but in life; you have to take the risks, believe, and learn from your experiences.’

Salmaan’s poem, titled ‘Me against Me’, explored the constant battle of being true to your individual identity and priorities. He shared that, ‘It feels really good be featured in the Young Writers UK anthology. I feel that the message of my poem was important so I am glad that my voice could be heard. I struggle sometimes with peer pressure so I wrote this poem as a message to myself to prove people wrong and live up to my potential.’

Click the following link to read Danni and Salmaan’s poem, which have been featured in LDE UTC’s very own Empowered Anthology: 

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