Year 9 Learner Going Places

Year 9 Learner Receives Award of a Chromebook for Undertaking Virtual Work Experience.

Lola in year 9 has been very busy participating in virtual work experience over the last few weeks, which she sought out and applied for via Speakers 4 Schools, who help to give young people access to prestigious networks and are funded by the Law Family Charitable Foundation.

Lola is delighted to have been awarded a Chrome Book for her attendance at a placement with ISG Construction Ltd, a dynamic global construction specialist company with whom we work closely.
Lola is an ambitious learner, with a love of aircraft and is planning on gaining her pilot’s licence; she intends to embark upon a career in aviation when she finishes her education. 

We caught up with Lola, who had this to say:
“I came to LDE UTC because it looked like a good school, and a great place for me to study all about engineering. Being here has given me the chance to think about lots of different careers.
I decided to take part in virtual work experience to find out more about what I would like to do, how to get there, determine which qualifications I would need and to gain some practical experience.
In the future I plan to study aerospace engineering and fly a plane! I am so happy and never expected to receive this Chrome Book from ISG. I have received lots of advice through this experience about work and really know what I want and how to get there. I also attended virtual work experience with PwC and have a place with a Finishing school.”

Lola, who plays for a prominent ladies’ football team based in London, is also in the process of making applications to other companies.

We are very proud of Lola and pleased that she has earned this well-deserved prize. We have every reason to expect that she will someday gain that pilot’s licence – Lola is going places!


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