RIBA Explores Style with LDE UTC Learners

by Furnaz Ahmed, Assistant Principal, Teaching & Learning

Space Popular and the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) and our Year 12 learners worked together to unpick what influences our architecture and how style can have an impact on the way buildings look. Fred and Lara from Space Popular visited us and delivered a series of sessions where they explored ideas in greater depth.

The exhibition explores the effects and links of media (printing, photography, radio, television, video, internet, virtual reality) and style in architecture. The leaners were excited to see how architectural style relies almost completely on media.

The exhibition traces key events from the past 500 years leading up to our time – the time of the internet and virtual reality.

RIBA exhibition space

Learners received a number of workshops, including building their own Pinterest board to encapsulate the style in which they would build their own virtual space. They began to build their own social spaces on a free platform, Mozilla Hubs, which is for building social virtual spaces online, accessed through a web browser and can be shared with other colleagues.Building Worlds in Mozilla

As learners designed and developed their own worlds, their discussions deepened. There were meaningful conversations on the impact of social spaces, and we witnessed conversation around which style to build in, and the effects on mood, behaviour and wellbeing.

The exhibition is now live and open to the public; it is being held at 66 Portland Place London until 16th May 2020. 

It is a fantastic platform for our learners and we are so proud of the high quality of work being displayed.

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