Geoffrey Fowler - Principal
Victoria Webb - Vice Principal - Quality of Education
Gloria Gold - Vice Principal - Personal Development
Dave Watherston - Finance & Operations
Kenan Drugzani - Assistant Principal - Behaviour and Attitudes
Furnaz Ahmed - Assistant Principal - Teaching and Learning
James Culley - Assistant Principal (Apprenticeships Director) - Admissions/Careers/Employers
Mark Watson - Assistant Principal - Examinations and Technical Qualifications
Engineering Faculty
Robert Teague - Engineering Lead
Sharon Morgan - Engineering
Heman Amin - Engineering
James Wayland - Lead Technician
Digital Faculty
Deanna Edmonds - Digital Lead
Sarwar Ahmed - Computing
Alan Soong - Teacher of Computing
Josh Button - Digital Technology Facilitator
Design Faculty
Charlie Evans - Interrim Design Faculty Lead
Jade Greaves - Design and Lead EPQ
Derek Jones - D&T Technician
Maths Faculty
Hayder Khan - Maths Faculty Lead
Marium Fazal - Lead Year 9 Maths
English Faculty
Nazmin Chowdhury - English Faculty Lead
Erin Cummings - English
Kate Kelly - English
Sara Ishaq - English
Science Faculty
Toby Swan - Lead KS5 Science
Adam Masheter - Lead Practitioner - Science
Alexia Alexander - Science
Maryam Sadraie - Science
Rayeeda Sabur - Science
Hitesh Patel - Science Technician
Options Faculty
Shafina Vohra - Lead LEGO and Psychology
Sabrin Aman - Lead Humanities
Mohamed Shafi - Business
Apprenticeships and Engagement
Buddhika Premaratne - Apprenticeships Civil Engineering
Pastoral Staff
Anne Lewis - Assistant SENCO
Jolanta Kutereba - EAL and Learning Resource Centre Lead
Monica Nuzhat - Head of Year 13
Stephen Baker - Head of Year 11
Tony Green - Head of Year 9
Zack Sheylila - Head of Year 10
Joy Faulkner - Coordinating Chaplain
Gazala Ahmed - Teaching Assistant
Karlon Ellis - Teaching Assistant
Michael Walela - Teaching Assistant
Support Staff
Chanel Edwards - Finance
Monisha Shandal - Finance
Ema Martins - HR Manager – Maternity Cover
Patricia Walker - Executive Assistant to Geoffrey Fowler, CEO & Principal
Sonya D'Arcy - Lead Admissions
Janice Tricks - Careers and Progression
Gill Antha - P.A to Gloria Gold, Vice Principal
Rob McCorkell - MIS Lead
Carol Webb - Executive Assistant
Noorin Akhtar - Cover Supervisor
Sharon Sahota - Office Lead
Ziba Agdelen - Attendance
Carla Doak - Cover and Admin
Rakhi Biswas Evans - Exams Coordinator
Alex Gilchrist - IT Service Lead
Fahad Tariq - IT Technician
Clive Mendes - Facilities
Jimmy Adebowale - Facilities Manager & H&S Lead