Careers and Destinations

Welcome to our Careers and Destinations area in which you will be able to access all of the information that will support our learners throughout their time at LDE UTC, to ensure that they leave us not only with both an academic and technical education but are also prepared for the world of work.

This area will include key contacts and documentation for our learners and their parents/carers, as well as employers and UTC staff. You will also find documents relating to our careers programmes, which are college year specific. It will detail links to useful websites to support our intentions and sites that our learners are encouraged to browse and register with, which will further increase their individual learning in a self-managed way.

                     Key Stage 5 Summer Career Resource Pack         Key Stage 3 & 4 Summer Career Resource Pack

There will also be posts from employers along with features on some of our alumni and information on their destinations.

We hope you enjoy browsing this area and we are happy to discuss anything that you feel would be beneficial to you in the future. Please be reassured that we endeavour to do our very best to prepare our learners to ensure that they understand how their education with us will affect their future options and choices, and allow them to make informed decisions at both post-16 and post-18 levels.

Your careers contact at LDE UTC is Janice Tricks, Careers Lead, who is supported by our leadership team, teaching, Heads of Year and support staff. We also have a Careers Director, responsible for the programme at governor level.

Please take some time to look at the ‘My Choices’ guides designed by the Careers and Enterprise Company for both learners and their parents/carers. These guides are full of information to support young people and provide further information and links to explore to help decide their next steps at post-16 and post-18. 



My Choices - Guide for Learners in year 10 to 13     My Choices - Guide for Parents

Amazing Apprenticeships - Parent Pack September 2020


Vision for Careers

‘Creating technology and employer led education that provides learners with the ability to exceed their potential, celebrate their diversity and embrace the opportunities of the fourth ‘industrial revolution.’  

At LDE UTC we aim to prepare learners to have the skills and knowledge to fully embrace the vast range of pathways available to them at post-16 and post-18, by providing opportunities, information and guidance to increase confidence and raise aspirations. This means preparing our learners so that they are resilient, confident, motivated and equipped with the skillset at both personal and professional level to enable them to thrive in the fourth industrial revolution, regardless of their choices.

We commit ourselves wholeheartedly to preparing our learners to be the very best they can be, and we recognise that together we can make a positive contribution in filling the skills gap in industry. We are determined that, with our support, our learners will take responsibility for their achievements in their journey as they make their way from LDE UTC into the wider world of work or higher education.

We take pride in the destinations our learners go on to and remain excited for the future of our young people.

To see the LDE UTC's end destinations for the academic year 2018-19: Click here

Careers Framework

Please take a look  at the LDE Careers Framework offer that your child will receive across the year, which is progressive across each year group.. 


Careers Strategy

Careers and future progression is recognised as a priority throughout LDE Governance, Senior and middle leadership, teaching and pastoral/support staff.
The Leadership Team at LDE UTC, alongside its industry partners, are committed to providing a careers programme that prepares all its learners for further study and / or employment. Independent information and guidance is seen as key alongside a range of opportunities. The college prides itself in the partnership work it carries out with learners/ parents / industry partners to support learners with their future aspirations.

To support this, we will:

• Continue developing strong relationships with UEL and our employer sponsors.
• Build relationships with new employers and organisations to bring in fresh ideas, projects and opportunities.
• Embed careers into the curriculum to build awareness of the relevance of it into the subjects we offer.
• Encourage partners, organisation and universities to support our careers programme and ensure feedback is received from them, learners and parents where applicable to allow us to monitor our success and review where appropriate.
• Support our learners with both apprenticeship and university decisions and applications
• Provide information for both learners and parents/carers to support the university and UCAS process.
• Ensure learners are registered with organisations which provide additional careers and future progression information, support and opportunities. We will encourage learners to use the latter to inform their pathways for potential careers and study opportunities. This will be listed on the careers area of the website.
• Support and encourage year 12 learners to participate in an official led work experience programme. We will signpost opportunities for independent placements outside of this timeline to evidence and develop knowledge and skills. These placements will be meaningful and include a review upon return and considered for applications and UCAS personal statements by Tutors, Heads of Year or careers lead.
• Prepare our learners for the world of work using our Industry Mentoring programme, employer engagement, external organisations and site visits.
• Implement the UEL mentoring programme across Y 9-11 with an option for Y12.
• Provide Y9 learners with an options carousel and employer talks to support their Y10 subject choice.
• Make the connection between subject content within curriculum and future careers through teachers, Heads of Year, the careers lead, employers, industry mentors and external organisations.
• Encourage the use of the UTC Hub from year 9, Fledgelink from year 10 and LinkedIn profiles from year 12/13. This will be done in an effective way: i.e. to Source work experience, building employer networks, providing apprenticeship information, building employability skills and creating a CV.
• Facilitate year 10 learners to undertake a Job Shadowing day co-ordinated by careers lead and Head of Year and tutors
• Facilitate all learners to participate in an Industry Mentoring programme, once per term to build their knowledge and skills. Sequential programme for years 9-11 and 12-13.
• Identify employability skills and develop them through the Industry Mentoring and Skills Builder programmes.
• Provide networking opportunities for years 9-10 via a speed networking event, using employability skills.
• Provide an LDE Careers Fair once per year, introducing learners to a wide network of employers and destination opportunities.
• Provide opportunities for year 12/13 learners to attend external apprenticeship and university fairs and events.
• Provide information personalised for individuals via tutors, Head of Years and the Careers Lead and signpost targeted resources and opportunities.
• Provide one to one independent careers guidance at year 11, year 12 (for 1-year programme) and year 13. This will be used to identify learners for whom additional support or information may be required.
• Provide a platform via Learner Voice for learners to input any further provisions they would like within the programme.
• Provide notifications for opportunities, placements, events and apprenticeships via email, the Opportunities Padlet, notice boards around the UTC and the on-screen displays.
• Relevant employer Twitter/LinkedIn posts will be relayed to learners via display screens.
• Provide Local Market Information (LMI) within the curriculum, via employer presentations and displays.
• Provide an opportunity for learners of all years to participate in employer led projects.
• Collect information on leaver destinations and follow this up on UTC Hub. Year 13 will be invited to join a social media Alumni page.
• Post destinations on the Destinations Board in the careers area, on the digital screens and on the LDE UTC website.
• Celebrate the achievements and destinations of our alumni via targeted newsletter posts, display screens and careers area of LDE UTC website to encourage and motivate learners and raise aspirations to adopt an
‘I can do that’ attitude.
• Work closely with Careers and Enterprise Company, our Co-ordinator and advisors working towards achieving 100% in all Gatsby Benchmarks in our LDE careers provision by reviewing activities and introducing new ideas to ensure the effectiveness of our programme.