Study Aviation at LDE UTC

Our aviation courses launched in May 2021, consisting of 3 Pathways (Pilot, Engineering, and Ground Operations) training the next generation of Space and Aviation experts.

Commencing with the post-16 "Launch 2" Pathways. Enrolments started in September 2021 in the existing LDE UTC building and a training area overlooking the runway at London City Airport. A new building specifically for our aviation courses is currently planned for late 2023.

Who teaches the course?

We have hired a team of experienced professionals committed to educating and training the next generation of aviation professionals. 

We work with aircraft manufacturers, airlines, educators, trainers, and governments to face the global challenges of a shortage of skilled people, environmental sustainability, and keeping ahead of technology.

The concept was created by Simon Witts, a 40-year aviation professional with board-level expertise and experience across airlines, engineering, flight testing, certification, operations, education and training.



The "Launch" pathways are uniquely designed by the industry for the industry. This is the first time that the Aviation industrie's requirements have been fully implemented into the education system!

Our "Launch" Pathways have been built by a team of industry experts, and have taken the industry entry-level jobs and broken them down into the following elements:

  • Theoretical Knowledge
  • Practical Skills
  • Core Skills

We then reached back out to the industry for feedback, and to validate the use of our pathways. This results in industry-led pathways that suit all ages and capabilities. Our first three pathways are engineering, ground operations and pilot with more to follow.

Read about the 3 Pathways offered at LDE UTC here



World-Class Training facilities

Supported by Embraer, Boeing, the RAF and London City Airport, amongst others, Educating and Training the Next Generation of Aviation Professionals with the latest equipment and the best facilities.

Offering the Engineering, Ground Operations and Pilot post-16 Pathways from September 2021.





“I am immensely proud to be leading the industry partners on the IASTI® Stakeholder Board as we launch our scale-up based on the successful UK 'pilot’. The world needs a sustainable supply of the right people from truly diverse backgrounds, centred on ability and opportunity, and I am confident that we have found the right solution to achieve that. I encourage all of industry to get behind this initiative with its ‘collaboration before competition’ approach"

Nichola Bates, Boeing